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Audio – Part Two – U.S. Middle East Politics – Tears in the Fabric. – KGNU – Middle East Dialogues. November 30, 2021

December 2, 2021

Saudi oil fields hit by Yemeni drone strike. Saudi losing its war against Yemen. Credit AP

In this program we look at the implication of the U.S. military downsizing in the Middle East, especially as it concerns Israel (the big loser) and Iran (the big winner). From now on, as the U.S. military – and U.S. foreign policy in general “shifts to Asia” – U.S. allies will take on a greater part of the strategic burden than in the past, with the likelihood of the U.S. military coming in to save them from their crises continually reduced. This has created a dilemma for all U.S. regional allies, but most especially Israel and Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, despite sanctions, Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign, Iran’s position in the region continues to strengthen and the Axis of Resistance continues to gain ground.

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