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U.S. Congressman Perlmutter (D-Colorado) Unsurprising Take on U.S. Proxy War Against Russia in Ukraine

July 16, 2022

(Note: Earlier I published U.S. Senator John Hickenlooper’s (D-Colorado) on the US/NATO war against Russia in Ukraine. Below is U.S. Congressman Ed Perlmutter’s (D-Colorado) position, not quite so strident although fundamentally the same policy wise as “Hick’s” as we call him. Perlmutter has announced his retirement from Congress. I don’t know what precipitated his throwing in the hat. He was more accessible, and (from where I am sitting) more interesting than others from the Colorado congressional delegation. Ed Perlmutter is the nephew of Jonathan Perlmutter, one of Colorado’s more influential real estate families. rjp)


July 5, 2022

Dear Mr. Gregorich:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I appreciate hearing from you on such an important issue because it enables me to better represent the beliefs and values of our district.

The situation in Ukraine remains heartbreaking. Russia’s invasion sends a clear message of aggression which undermines Ukraine’s sovereignty and threatens stability and democracy in Eastern Europe. As the grandson of Jewish Ukrainian refugees, I am committed to securing peace and freedom in the region in wake of these reckless and unjustified attacks.

I support the President’s actions to deter Russian aggression in Ukraine and to bring President Vladimir Putin to the bargaining table. I continue to back legislation to aid Ukrainians and hold Russia accountable for their actions. I voted yes on HR 7691, the Additional Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act providing over $40 billion dollars of emergency supplemental appropriations for activities to respond to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As Congress continues to consider an economic and diplomatic path forward, I will keep your views in mind.

I encourage you to continue contacting me about the issues important to you. Please visit my website at to sign up for my e-newsletter and receive periodic updates on my activities as your representative in Washington. Additionally, I encourage you to follow me on Facebook (@RepPerlmutter) and Twitter (@RepPerlmutter).

Sincerely,Ed Perlmutter Signature.Ed Perlmutter

Member of Congress



Mike Gregorich’s response to Ed Perlmutter’s letter on the war in Ukraine:

Unlike Hickenlooper’s letter, I didn’t find Perlmutter’s to be at all humanly offensive.  He does make the common mistakes of thinking that we are fighting for democracy, and that the Russian invasion is “reckless and unjustified.”  Also, Biden doesn’t want to get Putin to the bargaining table.  He wants to bleed the Russians for as long as he can.

Yet, there are several things I like about the letter even while disagreeing with it.  I like that he brings up his ancestry as one reason for his beliefs.  I like that he specifically explains how he voted on a bill.  Not all politicians do this.  Finally,  I like that he at least says that “As Congress continues to consider an economic and diplomatic path forward, I will keep your views in mind.”  He does seem to leave the door open to an evolution in his views.  Especially if public opposition to current policy mounts is my guess.

I know a Vietnam vet who went to Perlmutter and got help with issues he was having with the government.  Perlmutter seems approachable and human.  Unlike Hickenlooper.

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  1. Gene Fitzpatrick permalink
    July 17, 2022 6:47 am

    When Perlmutter used to hold one-on-one sessions with the constituency on Saturday mornings at supermarkets I met with him 4 or 5 times. He told me he knew before hand he was going to meet with me because he came to recognize my car in the parking lot with it’s Free Palestine decal on the rear window. He once thanked me for always exhibiting civility rather than anger in our encounters. The Is-Pal issue was always the subject at hand. The take-away point that I’ve most remembered from all this is that Perlmutter never deviated one iota from his consistent voting the pro-Zionist, anti-Palestinian-rights line. Perlmutter may be a “hail-fellow-well-met” but to a suffering Gazan he was and is a highly bigoted, inhumane example of American barbarism.

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