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As Iran Looks East – It Drags The Middle East With It: The Middle East After The Failure Of The JCPOA. Iran And The Shanghai Cooperation Organization. KGNU – Hemispheres – Middle East Dialogues – September 26, 2022

September 28, 2022

Iran and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Tonight on Hemispheres the Middle East Dialogues continues with Ibrahim Kazerooni and Rob Prince. If it appears that Kazerooni and Prince have continued to focus on Iran and the JCPOA in the recent Middle East Dialogues programs it is because the United States and Israel have been obsessed with it as well. Had the JCPOA succeeded, there would have been far reaching consequences for the entire Middle East region. Now that that it appears the negotiations are on the brink of failure – essentially – ie; that Washington refuses to return to the deal under the conditions spelled out in the 2015 agreement – there are also profound consequences that will follow. What are they for the region? For U.S. Middle East policy? For Israel? For Iran?

What does Iran joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization mean for Iran, for U.S.-Iranian relations?

All that and more tonight on Hemispheres the Middle East Dialogues.

(technical note: it seems that more and more often Hemispheres – Middle East Dialogues runs into some technical glitch. It happened again this time, a beeping about 35 minutes into the program for about ten minutes. Not too distracting, I talked right through it.)


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  1. Tom Moore permalink
    September 28, 2022 3:16 pm

    Good show. Looked at how Washington does real foreign policy. Not pretty and not so honorable.

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