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Haitian Flag Day – Aurora, Colorado: What’s Happening In Haiti Is Absolutely Beyond Belief!

May 21, 2023

Agape Haitian Seventh Day Adventist Church in Aurora, Colorado on Haitian Flag Day. May 20, 2023

A church service filled with its participants two greatest loves – its Christian religion and the long suffering, yet resilient spiritual and geographical home: Haiti. Songs sung in French and Creole.

I was in attendance to honor Haitian Flag Day.

Haiti – victim of four U.S. military interventions – three of them since 1992 – and suffocating IMF-World Bank structural adjustment programs that have privatized everything but the air people breath and only added to the crushing poverty of the place.

This from “”: Dore talks to investigative reporter Dan Cohen

There is talk in the halls of Congress of yet again for a U.S. military intervention in Haiti  which would only make matters worse.

“There’s virtually no coverage of it in the U.S. media, but the situation in Haiti is more than a little bananas. Angered over the kidnapping, murders and general violence perpetrated by armed gangs, citizens have been teaming up with police to track down and kill groups of gang members. But now the gangs are hitting back, and the unchecked violence is raging unchecked.”

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