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Back In The Saddle

May 30, 2008

Just a brief note to blog readers…

Have had two weeks of `technical problems’ during which time the blog was down. I believe these problems are now resolved and I will be writing once again in the days to come.

Some subjects I hope to cover in the coming period.

1. Continued threat of war – a major US attack against Iran.

2. More on the state Democratic Party Convention (haven’t finished with that subject)

3. Impressions of Madelaine Albright’s visit to the University of Denver this past week.

4. More splits over protest demonstrations at the upcoming Democratic Party National Convention…(or..R-68 in the doldrums)

5. As always, more on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the attempts to hi-jack PERA (the state pension fund), etc, etc.

Thanks to those who actually inquired – there were a fair number – as to the fate of the blog these past few weeks.

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