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Iran In the Crosshairs, a 44 page primer by Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies

June 1, 2008

Note – Although still far from clear, it appears that Bush Administration plans to attack Iran before the end of the year are still very much alive. I cite the following as examples:

1. a Jerusalem Post article when Bush was in Israel claiming that the Bush Administration intends to attack Iran.

2. a recent Asia Times article suggesting that the attack would come sometime in early August.

3. shifting attacks against Iran (Petraeus’ testimony that Iran is behind instability in Iraq, distortion of the latest IAEA report on Iran, etc)

4. continued deepening of economic sanctions against Iran let by the US and Israel

5. exagerating the `Iranian threat’ in a manner similar to the way the Iraqi threat was overstated before the March, 2003 US led invastion of that country.

6. continued intensive anti-Iranian propaganda coming from mainstream Jewish-American publications and website (the Israeli Project among others)

A major attack against Iran is not certain, but it certainly remains on the table in Washington with the Bush Administration doing everything in its power to justify military action. I would add that the Democratic opposition to such an attack is quite weak although Barak Obama did come out opposing such action.

Phyllis Bennis’ back ground paper is worth reading.

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