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June 28, 2010

Every once and a while, I hope to comment on responses to the blog that I have gotten. It is interesting what people gravitate towards and why. Through the program I use `wordpress’ – a very popular, free and easily maneuverable one – I can tell how many `hits’ (people who visit the site), which entries or articles they read. I can also tell what searches led people to the site. Some of these are obvious enough `Yemen’ or `savings and loan crisis’; others are a bit ominous; yet others people `fishing’ for pornography of one kind or another (example below).

  1. The articles from the Silverado Series (still in progress), collectively have received more than 1000 hits and have resulted in several interesting new contacts and friendships here in Denver. Now seven months old, different articles from that series continue to get hits almost daily –
  2. I have been genuinely surprised at  the number of people who have read the articles on Farhad Hached, the Tunisian trade unionist assassinated by French intelligence in the early 1950s. More than 700 people have read this article. I can tell how many people read an article and when, but do not know where the readers are from – although I did get two communications – one from Tunisia, the second from Paris.
  3. More than 500 people have read the different articles on Yemen or downloaded the powerpoint presentation
  4. 150+ people have read the op ed statement in the Denver Post `Colorado Christians Must Break Silence’ – a letter calling on Colorado Christians to show a bit more courage about criticizing Israel. It was signed by a number of local religious figures and me (although I am not a religious figure)
  5. I wrote a blog that was three short film reviews (Zinnemann, Fuller, Imamura) – more than 150 people have clicked on to that review (which also surprised me)
  6. 75 people have looked at the entry on the union drive for SODEXO workers (who man the concessions) at the University of Denver

There is also something else that is interesting and that is the titles of the searches used to get to the site…Here is a list of just a few

  • `UN Houthi Rebels’ (obviously about Yemen)
  • `Larry Mizel’ (from the Silverado series and `The CELL’)
  • `Excellent sex movies in Japanese – oldies but goodies’ (I presume it’s the Imamura films although I wouldn’t call them `excellent sex movies’ – just excellent movies with a bit of sex)
  • `David Mandarich indictment Denver Post’ (from the Silverado series – Mandarich was and is Larry Mizel’s assistant/partner at MDC)
  • `Yemen Cruise Missile Civilian `Al Qaeda’ – looking for the US cruise missile attack on Yemen in December 2009 that resulted in a large number of civilian casualties
  • `New Frontier Bank-Bush’ – I think confusing the collapse of the Greeley bank (New Frontier Bank) with the Silverado Bank bust in Denver in the 1980s in which Neil Bush served on the board of directors
  • `Melanie Pearlman’ — director of the CELL – Mizel funded `anti-terrorism’ museum in downtown Denver.
  • `Act of Violence – Janet Leigh’ – about the film that stars Janet Leigh (knifed to death in Psycho), Van Heflen (I think his best role) and Robert Ryan – an excellent film on post World War II psychological tensions/revenge.
  • `Adam Rayski and Pere LaChaise’ – Rayski was a Polish Communist who hailed from Grudno, (now in Byelorus), the home of both my paternal and maternal grandfathers and Meir Lansky. Rayski who had a fascinating life (according to the obituary in Le Monde,) is buried in Paris’ famous `Pere Lachaise’ Cemetery
  • Finally I get at least 5 spans a day for Viagra ads all of which are deleted. I figure I’d die of a heart attack if I tried to stuff and am old fashioned enough not to be interested at all, partly because, admittedly, one of my asshole former brothers-in-law can’t get enough of the stuff. Viagra and tatoos …

Just thought such information, occasionally would be interesting. Will do it again in a few months.

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