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`Journal of Global Governance’ Discussion of the Goldstone Report

June 20, 2010

The Journal of Global Governance is a quarterly academic journal that explores the possibilities of multi-lateral solutions to different international problems. It is co-edited by two faculty members at the University of Denver’s Korbel School of International Studies where I happen to teach – Dr. Tom Farer, the current dean at Korbel, and Dr. Tim Sisk, tenured faculty member and expert on global conflict resolution

In its most recent issue – April-June 2010, Volume 16, #2 (pp 139-207) – there is, what is referred to as `an agora’ on the Goldstone Report, the UN report critical of Israel’s practices during its military incursion into Gaza, from December 2008 – January 2009. An `agora’ refers to an open place of assembly in ancient Greek cities where issues could be openly discussed and debated. Global Governance is one of the few academic journals (are there others? – if so I am not aware) to try to seriously evaluate the relevance of the Goldstone Report and to do so in a spirit of `civil debate’.

As is well known, the Goldstone Report has generated a great deal of heat and opposition here in the United States, so much so that the US Congress actually issued a resolution condemning and rejecting its findings. It is highly unusual for the the US Congress to take such an action. At the same time, while the Goldstone Report has generated serious discussions elsewhere in the world, the subject has been largely ignored by mainstream academia and media, so much so that it has become a taboo subject. Goldstone himself, a lifetime dedicated Zionist,  has been the focus of what amounts to savage attacks for his unsparing criticisms of Israel’s military Gaza `practices’.

The journal has brought together four scholars. They are:

Dinah Pokempner – General Counsel to Human Rights Watch

Ed Morgan – Professor of Law at the University of Toronto

Richard Falk – Special Rapporteur to the Occupied Palestinian Territories for the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Nigel S. Rodly – Chair of the Human Rights Center of the University of Essex

The reading is not easy and takes some time to seriously consider. Remember this is a serious academic journal. I hope that although it takes a bit of effort to get through the articles, that you will take the effort and read this discussion in its entirety. It is worth the effort.

For the said articles, Journal of Global Governance – Goldstone Report

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