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US and NATO Prepare For War With Libya?

March 9, 2011


USS Kearsarge: U.S. warships gathering on the island of Crete, not far from Libyan coast

Note: For some time now, perhaps two years, I have been reading the material put out by Rick Rozoff on his website `Stop NATO’. There is a link to that site on the right. The material is consistently – so consistently that I don’t really know how he manages to do it – of a high quality. Carefully researched with articles from what I would call `the best of google’.  Not only does he shepherd a large and interesting assortment of articles, but he has consistently put them together in a coherent fashion, which is yet something else.

The media has been suggesting that the Obama Administration is shying from military action against Khadaffi. Rozoff presents a more somber scenario but he presents what I think of as convincing evidence. In the piece below, he predicts that the U.S. and NATO are heading for war with Libya. A few minutes ago I read that Khadaffi has already announced that he will fight back if attacked. He considers the establishment of a no-fly zone itself as a declaration of war and, as U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates argued just last week that a no-fly zone is a form of war, Khadaffi has a point. So as Rozoff explains below, the U.S. and NATO appear to be moving in the direction of military confrontation and Khadaffi, figuring (and I think correctly) that he has nothing to lose and a world of oil wells to hold on to if he fights back, will respond in kind. So a dangerous moment for the whole world is in the offing. There is a NATO meeting in Brussels in a few days, where a decision to move towards military action could be taken.  Cheers. rjp


Point of No Return: The U.S. and NATO Prepare For War With Libya

by Rick Rozoff

Eastern Mediterranean

March 7 was a pivotal moment in plans by Western powers to launch military operations against Libya.

After meeting with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Washington, President Barack Obama stated “we’ve got NATO, as we speak, consulting in Brussels around a wide range of potential options, including potential military options, in response to the violence that continues to take place inside of Libya.”

In an interview she gave to The Australian newspaper immediately before her departure for the U.S., Gillard stated that she supported the “US placing more military forces on Australian soil if it believes this is necessary in the light of the growing might of China and India.” Her government is also on record as backing military action in Libya.

On the same day North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen held a press conference at the military bloc’s headquarters in Brussels and while formally disavowing plans to intervene in the North African nation said that “as a defence Alliance and a security organisation, it is our job to conduct prudent planning for any eventuality. (to continue, click here)

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