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Palestinian Activist from West Bank to Address Life Under Occupation: SUNDAY, MAY 20 12:30—2PM Open Forum @ North Highland Presbyterian Church 2945 Julian St. Denver, 80211

May 14, 2018
Hope you can make this event…Needless to say given the recent news of the Israeli slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza (48 killed today (May 14, 2018) at last count, the visit of Ahmed Odeh, community activist from Beit Ummar in Area C of the Palestinian West Bank, is timely.
Please come if you can.
Details in above announcement
Nancy Fey and Rob Prince
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  1. Bill Conklin permalink
    May 14, 2018 2:35 pm

    The Zionist Behavior is beyond absurd. How can the world put up with this? Why is Allah sitting around and letting Yahweh commit all these crimes against millions of innocent people. The Nazis marched the Jews and others into the gas chambers over a ten year period. The Zionists who are anti-semitic Northern Europeans who do not have Semitic DNA or speak a Semitic language (except for their contrived ressurection of a dead one), seem to think they can commit war crimes forever against Palestinians because Germans
    committed war crimes against them. Actually, Berlin might be a better place to live than Tel Aviv for two reasons: (the Germans feel lots of guilt for the behavior of their ancestors and the Zionists are not committing war crimes against the Germans. Imagine the future, someday all these Palestinian children are going to grow up unless the Occupiers kill all of them. The Occupiers will then be a small group of a few million surrounded by tens of millions of their victims. It cannot end well for the occupiers. So maybe Yahwee should send the Knesset off to Nuremberg for their just deserts!

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