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Powerpoint Presentation on the pro-Israel Lobby

December 28, 2018

I noticed that some people are reading this old entry… I republish it with a brief introduction…

View from the Left Bank: Rob Prince's Blog

Commentary added December 28, 2018.

Note: This powerpoint was written about ten years ago, probably for a presentation that I gave at the time. That said, I agree with most of what I wrote a decade ago…

Of course this is prior to the Arab Spring and the U.S.-led and orchestrated wars to overthrow the Khadaffi government in Libya and the now failed effort to overthrow the Assad government in Syria and partition that country. Nor is there anything here about Saudi Arabia – which is a vital part of what Noam Chomsky referred to in his very valuable book “The Fateful Triangle” (consisting of the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia).

Washington’s Iran policy has zigzagged all over the place, but as is well known, is currently misguided, reactionary and self defeating.

For all that, even though it is a sketch, it is pretty accurate especially where it concerns the…

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  1. William Conklin permalink
    December 28, 2018 11:39 am

    Thanks Rob I really enjoyed the show

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