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Turkey Threatening To Invade NW Syria – Idlib Province – To Prevent The Rout of Al Qaeda and the “Turkman Liberation Front”

February 6, 2020

Military forces of the Syrian government liberating Maarat-al-man in Idlib Province from Al Qaeda and like elements.

Turkey Threatens Retaliation Against Russia and Syria If They Attack Al Qaeda in Syria’s Idlib Province

After waiting nearly a year while its allies Russia and Iran have tried to convince Turkey to give up on its ill conceived plans to annex parts of Syria – Idlib Province in particular – either de facto or de Jure – the Syrian Army began its offensive to defeat Al Qaeda, the Turkman Liberation Front and other mercenary elements still wholed up there. There are different reports on the exact number of these elements but figures in the tens of thousands are not uncommon. Further, the western media, has suddenly shown “great concern” for civilian casualties in Idlib, playing down the fact that the region is being liberated by these fascist elements.

And now Turkey threatens military action…

Getting interesting.Essentially Turkey has invaded nw Syria …

There are a number of problems for Turkey involved.

1. Although it has removed SOME of the mercenaries it supported in Syria and sent them to Libya (and elsewhere). Turkey still fear that a Syrian victory in Idlib will result in a flood of those mercenaries coming back into Turkey itself. It cannot handle/control them and fears the destabilization and unrest they will cause. Over the past year Turkey has tried to influence other players (the Saudis, Qataris, UAE) to help re-assign these mercenaries to different places, to accept them, but no one wants them… Turkey’s move into nw Syria is to stop this inevitable stampede

2. Turkey still has “pan-Turkic” aspirations – you know, the nonsense about reviving some of the Ottoman Empire as well as spreading its influence into Central Asia… As it stole a part of Syria in the 1920s, it hopes to continue that process and controlling Idlib Province would not only solve its mercenary dilemma but would build on what might be called “Turkish Zionism” (that is what I call it). Of course the presence of the Turkish military in nw Syria changes the chemistry some…but that said, it is a losing strategy. It is no accident that at the same movement, Israel is bombing Damascus. So while there are tensions between Turkey and Israel when it comes to strategic cooperation, they are still on the same (U.S.-NATO) team!

3. It is Turkey’s way of showing that despite tensions with the USA that it still can play a role as a NATO member – especially in efforts to destabilize Central Asia (and ultimately Russia and China) – again a losing strategy… but one which will lead to more bloodshed and the unnecessary loss of life and property.

By way of example of how Turkey has worked in Syria – I quote from a piece from the blog “Essence of Time

Turkish security forces control terrorist groups in Syria, said the arrested militants during the liberation of the suburbs of Aleppo, RIA Novosti reported on February 4.

As a result of the fighting, the Syrian army has liberated several localities and an area in the suburbs of Aleppo. During the “sweep” of the area, the military captured two terrorists, natives of Syria.

During the interrogation, they testified that they had to leave their places of permanent residence as a result of the civil war and decided to leave Syria as refugees with their families. When crossing the border, Turkish security forces forced military-aged men to join one of the terrorist organizations and brought them back into Syria, while they transferred relatives to a special camp for displaced persons as hostages.

The prisoners also showed that they had been received their military specialty under the supervision of Turkish instructors who were training them. According to the prisoners` testimony, formations from Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as groups formed from citizens of former Soviet republics are fighting in the militant-controlled parts of Syria

Forcing civilians fleeing the war to join Turkish run terrorist groups and then putting their families in what amounts to concentration camps as hostages; other Turkish trained mercenaries from Pakistan, Afghanistan “as well as groups formed from citizens of former Soviet republics” are fighting in Syria.. They wind up in Turkish-run mercenary groups like Jaysh al-Watani al-Suri, Hayat Tahrir al-Cham and a plethora of other mercenary militias.





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  1. William Conklin permalink
    February 7, 2020 8:57 am

    Turkey’s army sounds like it is almost as “moral” as the most moral military in the world: The IDF.

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