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Brownstein and Farber lobbying Washington to Expand Glenwood Springs Limestone Mining Operation… Pretty much whole town – and surrounding valley – is opposed.

February 9, 2020

Iron Mountain Hot Springs…

While that is not a photo of Nancy looking out at the Colorado River from the Iron Mountain Hot Springs  in this photo, it might as well be. There Nancy was – exactly at that spot – and for a good ten, fifteen minutes enjoying the view of the Colorado River. A bald eagle few by heading west along the river.
I was in a pool just behind her at the time, thinking about how, given my atheism which only grows deeper with age, that this was about as close to heaven as I’d ever get…in fact maybe it was heaven.
Nancy and I were up at Glenwood Springs a couple of weeks ago to take advantage of the hot springs. At the newer springs, Iron Mountain Hot Springs (quite lovely – a series of pools overlooking the Colorado River) we first heard about this attempted expansion of a limestone quarry above the springs. Just seemed like the “same old-same old” – a mining company simply wanting a bigger share of the action and lobbying the federal government to expand its operations come hell or high water.. Didn’t know that Brownstein and Farber were, once again, in the thick of it. Should have…. Nor that one of the co-owners of Rocky Mountain Resources, the corporation lobbying to get an extended permit for mining from the feds, is Chad Brownstein, Norm Brownstein’s son.

And as developers – particularly those involved in mining operations – have a way of turning heaven into hell for a buck or five, I wasn’t entirely shocked to learn that the owners of a limestone mine above the hot springs were pressing hard to expand their operations. Today some thirty trucks a day remove limestone, but if Rocky Mountain Resources has its way the operation will expand to 450 trucks daily. The few folk I spoke with were against the expansion. As the article below explains, proposed increased limestone mining at Glenwood is intimately connected to the cancerous housing development on Colorado’s Front Range from Pueblo to Ft. Collins.
As the article below explains, proposed increased limestone mining at  is intimately connected to the cancerous housing development on Colorado’s Front Range from Pueblo to Ft. Collins.
There was a petition against it at Iron Mountain Hot Springs. In an area nearly fracked to death, where fifty years ago (down the road at Rulison) the federal government has detonated an underground nuclear bomb for natural gas production – fracking with nuclear weapons, and where thank heaven to mercy a mammoth oil shale program never got off the ground in the 1980s, this new attempt to rape the Rockies is meeting with considerable local resistance.

Colorado River at Grizzly Creek in Glenwood Canyon, just east of Glenwood Springs

The “boys” as I like to refer to Brownstein and Farber, graduates of Lake Middle School, North High School in Denver and the University of Colorado in Boulder – along with “the little boy” – Norm Brownstein’s son, Chadare at it again, this time trying to undermine the entire town of Glenwood Springs  with this expanded mining operation. Connected in Washington and with a team of lawyers privately lobbying Glenwood city council people, Brownstein and Farberare now among the nation’s biggest lobbying firms, with considerable influence in both the Democratic and Republican parties both statewide and nationally.

So here’s the story from the Aspen DailyTimes – written by Glenwood’s mayor, Jonathan Godes.
We did see literature during our little Glenwood operation from “the Glenwood Springs Citizen’s Alliance,” a group opposed to the expanded mining operation. What follows below is taken from the group’s web page:

The Glenwood Springs area community is standing together in opposition to a proposed expansion of the Transfer Trail limestone quarry. Please join us in this cause to protect our community, our economy and our environment.

Rocky Mountain Resources Industrials (RMR) is proposing to expand the existing Transfer Trail limestone quarry from the current 20 acres to a highly visible open pit mine of 321 acres.

• Blasting and crushing 100 million tons of limestone.
• Hauling rock to a rail load-out along the Colorado River: up to 450 truck trips daily.
• Mining for at least 20 years.
• Operations year-round, seven days a week.

The quarry and all of the expansion area are on public land managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. We have a say in what happens!

Explore this website to learn more, and join us in opposition by signing our online petition.

The Glenwood Springs Citizens’ Alliance encourages you to help STOP THE TRANSFER TRAIL MINE EXPANSION.


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  1. Jim permalink
    February 9, 2020 1:15 pm

    The Boys; Saudi to assorted banks, D C to the Springs.
    Crony deals, and crony influence, and crony system manipulations.
    The BOYS.
    Manafort, and his boys, see history on Marcos to Ukraine.
    Lootings, and assorted DEALS, @
    The boys.

  2. Chester McQueary permalink
    February 11, 2020 2:56 pm

    Yes, and little doubt that the new Secretary of Interior, David Bernhardt, who grew up in Rifle, Colorado is mixed up in this and pushing for the mining operation’s full speed ahead. Another of Trump’s ever more corrupt team who know nothing and respect nothing other than $$$$ and power.

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